If you are an immigrant in Australia, you have most likely dealt with an agent or consultant, either in your home country or after arriving in Australia. Your visa application is handled by an agency more than 99 percent of the time. There are two types of agents: unregistered and registered (MARA), and it is usually recommended to go with the latter.

People are sometimes duped by unregistered agents and lose a lot of money as a result. Registered (MARA) agents, on the other hand, are legitimate and have been approved by the Australian government to serve as friends in visa applications.

So, we’re here to dispel some common misunderstandings regarding immigration and PR consultants in Australia. All of these reasons will help you understand why and how immigration consultants are crucial to you, as well as how to pick the best one for your situation. So let’s get started!

best PR consultants in Australia

  • You Can Do Without a Migration Consultant

One of the most common misunderstandings among the general public is that they can apply for their visa without a migration agent.

There are tons of benefits to employing a migration agent because he or she knows the application procedure inside and out and can complete it on your behalf in less time for a lower fee. More significantly, it’s all done properly and without causing you any inconvenience!

  • Migration Consultants Loot

This is another perception of migration consultants held by the general public. Clients are only conned and deceived by unregistered agents (touts), not by registered agents. When you employ a migration agent to help you with your visa application, you’ll see that he or she is well worth the money because all of your work will be completed professionally and without fuss.

  • It’s Not Beneficial to Go Via a Migration Agent

You have every right to apply for your visa without the assistance of a migration consultant, and you may do it without difficulty, but most people employ a migration consultant to avoid making any mistakes. Migration agents deal with visa applications on a regular basis, and they do it expertly. While it’s possible that you’ll make a mistake on your visa application, it’s quite improbable that a migration agency will. They’ll research your case and present it in the best light possible, enhancing your chances of a favorable decision.

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