Australia, a beautiful country that has always been a popular choice among people who wish to migrate to a new country. With numerous favorable aspects ranging from a growing economy, beautiful landscapes, and cultural diversity to high quality of life, there is hardly the reason why you shouldn’t move here. Australia promises an amazing quality of life and a multi-cultural society that is peaceful enough for everyone. Australia provides a PR visa to immigrants, the visa comes with a validity of five years. With a permanent resident visa, you can migrate to this beautiful country along with your family. You can apply for the visa after living here for three years or more. You can connect with trusted visa consultants in Australia to seek guidance regarding your visa application process.


Although a few countries can meet Australia’s impressive appeal, they have a low job vacancy rate. Well, you can find numerous job opportunities in this nation, within four months of migrating, you can lead a healthy and quality lifestyle. Another aspect of permanent residence is getting a work permit. Permanent residents in their profession can work for any employer, this means, you have to be passionate or qualified for the job and that is enough. However, you may not be able to serve in the armed forces or public service. Anyway, you will experience total freedom to work.

Citizens can enjoy the right to healthcare, the government-operated health insurance policy called ‘Medicare’ that offers free medical treatment in government hospitals. With permanent residence, you will get access to such a government-run health insurance program and subsidized medication.


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  • Freedom to travel anywhere within the country.
  • Become eligible for the social security advantages after two years
  • You are eligible to apply for government jobs.
  • You can go for higher studies in this country and can get educational loans.
  • With PR of your relatives so they can meet pre-requisites.
  • You can visit New Zealand. 


  1. Check the eligibility criteria 
  2. Submit EOI (Expression of Interest)
  3. Apply for migration skill assessment via authority. 
  4. Within 60 days of acceptance, you will be required to apply for a visa online with all documents 

Australia provides different options for one to apply for the PR visa, you can choose the right visa based on your needs and eligibility. For example, with a family stream PR visa, you can migrate to Australia with your close family members such as a spouse, caretaker, old relative, and more. 

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