Do you want to travel to a faraway country like Australia where advanced infrastructure along with scientific development meets the dreams of many people? Of course, you would want to visit the dream country where you can fulfill your beloved one’s expectations.

When you dream of arriving in the land of beautiful beaches, magnificent scenery, and diverse wildlife. From your income to the actual amount of working hours, life expectancy, and life satisfaction.

Good Income

When it comes to earning a good income, then nothing can be more fulfilling than working in Australia.  For an instance, an average Australian professional earns USD 49, 126 per year. As per the reports revealed by the OECD the average household net adjusted disposable income per capita is USD 32759 per year.

Working Hours

As per the reports, a near about 13% of employees work for long hours. It is also revealed that full-time workers in Australia spend near about 60% of their salary on personal care.


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Quality Life

Life expectation of Australians is exceptionally quite high. It is supported by the fact that the life expectancy of Australians is usually 83 years of age which is revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

According to one report, it is revealed that a large chunk of foreign workers migrated to this country in 2019. Although in the financial year, the country faced financial crises but eventually got recovered with the passing time.

The Australian economy relies heavily upon the support of large numbers of immigrants and foreign workers. Owing to world-class infrastructure and best-in-class amenities and job opportunities make Australia the next place to live for many people.

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