Migrants who hold Australian permanent residency (PR) visas are residents of Australia who are allowed to live and work in the country indefinitely. Although migrants in Australia are not Australian citizens but do have the option of becoming one after they complete the visa requirements. The Australian government offers migrants from all over the world to obtain their PR visa in Australia in several ways- through family, work, refugee, or humanitarian status. Although the process of PR Visa might get daunting if you don’t possess the requisite knowledge for the application, having the right immigration consultant in Australia can make it easier for you. But before you connect with a consultant for your PR, let us help you understand the benefits of acquiring an Australian PR-

  • Live Permanently In Australia

Obtaining permanent residency in Australia allows you to live in the country indefinitely as the initial period of a 5-year visa can be renewed an unlimited number of times. In case you live overseas and your 5 year period has expired, you can apply for a return visa as a method of renewing your permanent residence. 

  1. Sponsor your family members

As a permanent resident of Australia, you are allowed to sponsor your family members to enter the country on some specific type of visa or for the acquisition of PR. However, this may be subject to certain income and residence requirements, so it is essential to ensure first if you are eligible to sponsor.  

  1. Access to Medicare

After the lodgement of your permanent residency visa, you become eligible to enroll for Medicare in Australia and obtain access to inclusive health coverage. Medicare extends free treatment at Australian public hospitals, subsidized services and medicine, health insurance, and bulk billing to citizens of Australia.

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  1. Centrelink 

Permanent residents living in Australia for 2 years are eligible to access the country’s social welfare system, Centrelink, which extends them social security payments and other benefits linked with sickness, unemployment, and study. 

  1. Free Primary And Secondary Government Schooling 

Permanent residents of Australia have free access to government schooling in the country. Although some states in Australia offer free schooling to temporary schooling, others don’t. 

  1. Eligible To Apply For Australian Citizenship

Permanent residents are now allowed to apply for Australian citizenship. This Citizenship comes with a plethora of benefits that include having a say in the government elections, easy travel, and access to one of the world’s strongest passports.

  1. Children Born To Permanent Residents In Australia Will Have Australian Citizenship

Australian-born children of permanent residents in Australia are automatically given citizenship of the country, extending them immediate access to the above-listed benefits.

There you go! Those are a few primary benefits of obtaining a permanent residency in Australia. If you wish to know more and apply for one, you should consult a trusted consultant for the process. At Pearvisa Australia, we are equipped with the right skills and experience to help you apply and obtain your permanent residency. Connect with our team to start the process today!