Home to thousands of ex-pats from all over the world, Australia has become one of the most preferred destinations for travel and career. Thanks to the great economy, high quality of life, fascinating outdoors, and immense career opportunities, an increasing number of people make the move to Australia every year. Although migrating to any international destination is a big step, you aren’t alone. At PearVisa, we can help you with the information you require to comprehend what you need to do and when.

Below we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process better. Let’s get started- 

Step 1: Understand the kind of Migrant You Are

Australia offers immigration to investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and gifted talent. Knowing your migrant class and objectives can help you form your migration plans in a better way.

Step 2: Consider the Diverse Employment Options Available

Job security is one of the major concerns of migrants. However, all it takes is to gather information where you can search for jobs available in the provinces of Australia. You need to select a job role that needs to be filled from the defined list of occupations. Once you find the right job in the industry you wish to work in, the next step is to start a home search. There are an array of options available- Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth, to name a few. If you plan to live and work in a regional area, you can connect with our visa consultants in Australia to know about the accommodation and other factors. 

Step 3: Choose The Right Visa Subclass

If you are looking forward to obtaining a Permanent Residency in Australia, you have wide options of PR subclass to choose from. Each visa subclass has different requirements and is suitable for different candidates. PearVisa consultants can offer you guidance about which visa would suit you best to help you make a decision seamlessly.


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Step 4: Apply For The Visa

After selecting a visa subclass as per the eligibility criteria, fill the application form supported by the required documentation. Ensure you have enough finances and no debts here in India. At PearVisa, we make sure to make no errors while applying for your Australian PR and crosscheck every detail so that you can have a smooth migration experience. 

Step 5: Wait for Approval

After submitting your application to the Australian authorities, wait for approval. Once the authorities approve your application, you can start your preparation for a new life in Australia. Our consultants will help you with the ticketing and all other necessary procedures. All you need to do is gather your belongings and wait for the departure day. 

Step 6: Settle

Our visa consultants in Australia offer assistance to help you find accommodation as per your requirements and budget. With us by your side, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything!

Now that you have understood the process of migration to Australia, what keeps you waiting? Our consultants in both; Pearvisa Australia and India offer complete guidance and assistance to offer our clients the best immigration experience. Call now or visit our website to know more about immigration in Australia.