If you want to live in Australia for a permanent time, permanent residency status in Australia will surely benefit you. This exclusive status will help you to gain ample benefits linked with immigration policy as far as possible. 

Live In Australia As Long As You Wish

After acquiring permanent residency in Australia, you can surely stay in this country for an indefinite period and even enjoy all sorts of benefits. By gaining an Australian permanent residency status you will be entitled to-

High Standard of Living

Due to the good quality of life, the living standard of Australian residents is much higher than in other countries. This is mainly attributed to the improvisation in people’s lifestyles and socio-economic growth. 

Great Credit Score

By being an Australian citizen, you will also be entitled to far more benefits in terms of housing loans, personal loans, car loans, and much more. So, on the other side, there are chances that your credit score will increase by a significant amount. 

Financial Aid For Students And Visa Holders

Australian citizens and permanent visa holders do receive financial aid which helps them to study through the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP). This scheme allows the student to pay fees after graduation. 

Purchasing Your First Home Comes With Ample Benefits

You would also be eligible for the FHOG (First Home Owner Grant), as it will help you not to incur any surcharge related to the purchase of property of any type. The Australian Government offers up to $35, 240 AUD subsidy to help one purchase the first new house at ease. 


Complete Coverage of Healthcare Needs By The Government 

The Australian government is highly known for providing the best medical support and facilities. By acquiring the PR visa, you will gain access to Medicare service providers and public hospitals. You shall also be entitled to get all-inclusive medicare health coverage which will grant you access to cheaper health insurance, free treatment at public hospitals, and subsidised medicine. 

Exclusive Rebates

Many clinics offer rebates through private clinics or a full free consultation and it includes some procedures too. 

By gaining the Australian Permanent Visa status, you along with your children shall receive ample benefits like child care aid, early childhood education, and citizenship by birth too. 

Child Care Rebate 

This is one benefit which will help you to cope with childcare costs. It will provide you with the aid of up to 50% of your child care expenses with an annual limit of USD 7,613 per child. 

Final Read

The Australian permanent visa residency status will help you to get the Family Tax Benefit. It provides a total bonus of USD 2,000 AUD for the first newborn baby and an additional AUD 1,000 for subsequent children. This is a type of visa that will allow you to work for any occupation and any employer. You will receive the same benefits and privileges as other citizens. Choose Australia PR to live a good quality of life.