Australia is a land of opportunities this inviting country offers a wealth of possibilities. Thousands of individuals from across the world arrive in Australia each year to take advantage of the country’s abundant work prospects. For subclass 189 and subclass 190 visas, you need 65 points under Skill Select. However, with so many of them hoping to go to Australia, 65 points don’t seem like a high enough score. Here’s a quick guide discussing the quickest way to obtain an Australia PR:


The Global Talent Independent Program (GTI), a new visa alternative, may be the shortest path to Australian permanent residency. It’s not clear how long an Australian PR application via the GTI will take to be processed by the Australian migration department. Despite this, the most recent data indicates that a decision will be made within 14 days of the Express of Interest being submitted. Although the decision-making process might take anything from a few days to three months, keep in mind that it is case-by-case and can vary widely. GTI, on the other hand, has emerged as the fastest route to Australian citizenship.

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What is the Global Talent Independent Program?

The Global Talent Independent Program was started in November 2019 and intends to recruit highly qualified workers across seven sectors, including Med-Tech, Ag-Tech, FinTech, space, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and energy and mining technologies. Candidates must be capable of earning at least AUD 153,600 a year and have national recognition for their work in the same field, according to GTI’s requirements. An Expression of Interest (EOI) and a nominator must be obtained if you are eligible to apply via the Global Talent form.


If your EOI is successful, you will be issued with a unique identification number and will be able to apply for a Distinguished Talent visa (Subclass 124) if you are outside of Australia, or a Distinguished Talent visa (Subclass 858) if you are within Australia at the time of application.


Why is GTI the Fastest Way to Get an Australian PR?

GTI allows for a wide range of assessment criteria to be used. Australia’s visa requirements do not provide visa criteria at this time. It appeals to many would-be Australian immigrants who would not otherwise be able to get permanent resident status in Australia. Furthermore, there is no need to take an English language exam, no formal skills evaluation is included, and there is no age restriction for GTI.


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